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How uniforms can shape identity


The great workplace uniform debate is one that has been argued for many years; some workplaces adopt a more casual dress code while others have strict guidelines on what a worker should wear. However, did you know there is more to workwear than you might think and uniforms have the power to shape a worker's identity?









If you've ever worked from home, you'll notice just how unproductive working in your pyjamas can make you feel. A uniform is a physical reminder that you should be working, and wearing one can make you produce your very best results during the workday. It also gives you a chance to really relax as once you've changed out of your uniform, you can forget about your work identity until you have to resume your role the next day; this allows you to forget about any work stressors the second you change into your comfortable home clothes.





Uniforms make you feel part of a group


Dress code


Teamwork is a crucial aspect of any job and if you want to represent a cohesive brand, your workers will have to get along with their peers. A uniform can help employees to adopt a group identity, allowing an individual to feel more accepted in their group of work colleagues.






Clothing holds power


LGW Security brand identity


You'll be surprised at just how much power clothing can hold, and numerous studies show that others perceive you as more powerful and capable if you're wearing a uniform. This sense of authority will make the wearer feel more confident in their job role and capable of doing an excellent job in their position, which is exactly what a successful company should aim for.





Make work decisions that matter


Have you ever wondered why Steve Jobs wore the same black turtle neck every day? He believed in a psychological concept called decision fatigue, which states that workers should focus more on important job decisions than their wardrobe choices. A work uniform employs the same principles, allowing employees to develop a more conscientious and hardworking attitude in their place of work.